Five Senses Healing
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meditation, hypnotherapyAlthough clients may request a session focused on any one of the Five Senses modalities—hands-on bodywork, aromatherapy, nutritional counseling, sound healing, or insight work (psychospiritual counseling with meditation or hypnotherapy) - it is most common for clients to receive several kinds of therapy interwoven throughout a treatment session. I find it very effective to work with the body, through which all of the senses and treatment possibilities arise.

What would a typical session at Five Senses Healing be like? Clients usually book one hour or 1-1/2 hour appointments. At the initial session we spend a few minutes discussing specific goals and any health concerns. We can take more time, if you wish, to review nutritional needs and objectives. For most types of bodywork, the client is fully clothed. Hands-on work may involve subtle touch with light pressure, deeper manipulative techniques, or energy work on or off the surface of the body—usually a combination of all three. What is common to all, however, is the state of deep relaxation that comes over the client while resting comfortably on the massage table.

Diffusion of aromatic oils can enhance the therapeutic experience. Essential oils may also be used directly on the feet or other parts of the body for specific healing effects.

Emily DickinsonDuring hands-on work, trauma and stresses are released from the tissues. When the trauma has an emotional component that the client recognizes and wishes to work with, we can engage in dialogue with the body—in fact, with different parts of the body—to allow what has been held there to come to the surface in order to facilitate healing.

Emotional healing also occurs much of the time without any "talk therapy," memories, or other intentional, conscious processes—just spontaneous emotional releases happening in the same way and at the same time that physical releases do. This is another aspect of the innate wisdom of the body: if it's important to your healing process for you to know what it's about, you probably will. If it's not necessary to know in order to clear residual trauma, you may not sense any "story" attached to the emotions. It's also possible that some realizations may come to awareness in the hours or days after a session, or even in dreams.

The use of sound—vocal or instrumental—can be an aid to deeper states of more profound healing. Sound healing is sometimes introduced as an element within the context of bodywork or other types of sessions.

All of these elements relating to the different "five senses" may be suggested when deemed appropriate, but are entirely the choice of the client whether to include or not. The purpose of this description is to illustrate how naturally, organically, and seamlessly any of the Five Senses Healing modalities can be integrated into a session, regardless of what type of treatment is the primary focus.