Five Senses Healing
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psychospiritual counseling
meditation, hypnotherapyGain greater self-awareness through psychospiritual counseling, meditation, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and other associated techniques.  With supportive assistance, you can learn how unconscious behavior patterns are causing conflict or holding you back, and change these through simple practices, focused intention, and enhanced perception. Clarify and improve the boundaries as well as the connections in your relationships with others. You will discover that greater freedom and self-knowledge brings with it joy and satisfaction in life and opens the door to creative expression.

Emily DickinsonBackground: Madolin Wells is a licensed hypnotherapist with Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and doctoral level credential in Educational and Developmental Psychology. She has worked in clinical and educational settings with individuals, families, adolescents, and children. Madolin has also taught meditation and delighted in presenting holistic demonstrations on the interplay of mind, body and spirit in public and private school settings.