Five Senses Healing
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essential oilsAromatherapy using high quality essential oils may be integrated throughout healing sessions. You may also arrange a consultation for a custom-blended oil to be created especially for you, based on your individual needs, desires, and preferences. Stocks of single oils are available for purchase as well. Essential oils can be enjoyed as an elegant enhancement of your personal environment; to create effects such as relaxation, relief of stress, or uplifting mood; and used as an integral part of therapeutic treatment for illness and chronic conditions.
Background: Madolin uses essential oils for health, beauty, personal enjoyment, and creativity. In mentorship for six years with a gifted aromatherapist, Madolin studied the subtle spiritual qualities of essential oils and flower essences as well as scientific aspects of aromatherapy. Her use of essential oils combines intuition, healing, and creativity grounded in a broad knowledge base of their properties and constituent elements.